Friends no longer flying

James Seyfert-Joiner

James was a great ballonist and balloon friend. I learned a lot from him. He died of a heart attack at a much too young age, leaving behind him my good friend, Barbara, and their 3 children.

Karl-Heinz Stegmeier

A flying friend from LSC Babenhausen

This picture was taken at my 50th birthday party.

Karl-Heinz was a fun person… always smiling! He let me steer his plane a few times

during my early years at LSC Babenhausen. It was a shock

Horst Neunhöffer

– 31.05.1987

Flying friends from LSC Babenhausen

Karl was one of my first flight instructors and Horst a very good flying buddy, at the Luftsport-Club Babenhausen. In 1987 they flew the power-glider Taifun on a trip to Greece and Yugoslavia. On their return trip, while flying over the Alps, they got into bad weather and crashed near the town of Ruhpolding.

Karl Kapp

22.08.1925 – 31.05.1987

Not to forget……

Horst Gebhardt

 – 07.12.1996


Alvin Kurt

LSC Babenhausen

Peter Hildenbrand

LSC Babenhausen

Thorsten Koch


Thorsten was my main Balloon instructor

Harald Bausbacher

22.04.1958 – 04.07.2010

A flying friend from LSV Worms

Harald was one of my flight students. As a tax accountant he gave me many tips and saved me a lot of money. He was one of the biggest supporters of my English classes and was also one of the first to pass my English exam. Harald, you are missed!

Manfred Graf

A flying friend from LSV Worms

Manfred was one of the flight instrutors in Worms, primarily for UL’s. He  was a great dancer! He danced with me at my 50th birthday party. It was so much fun and I have it on Video! Yes!! I recently found out that he died in the summer of 2018 of cancer.