1984 Motorsegler Wettbewerb

Every year the flying club organised a competion for powered gliders. Planes came from all over to take part. And, of course, I voluntered to help out! Here are some pictures of this competition. As you can see, there were many different types of planes…..quite interesting.

Judges were various members and flight instructors of the club. I don’t remember who won that year, ok it was long ago.

Some of the judges:

Lothar Stang

Roland Dehn (our instrutor for use of the radio)

Gernot Broschat (a lawyer)


Rainer Korff

My first flight, 1983

After many discussions I decided to learn to fly. The flying club wasn’t far from where I lived, which made it easy. I learned on a powered-glider, a 2-seater called Falke, a fairly simple aircraft.

Then came the date for my flight test. The day before, a pilot managed to crash the plane, bending the propeller…luckily nothing else. The propeller got changed and we waited for the examiner to arrive. He came, we took the test flight which I passed.

At the time George Fengel was the clubs president.

My primary instructor was Rainer Korff.


Skydance? For one, I have been teaching folk dancing for almost 40 years now and dancing much longer. And for almost 30 years I have been flying small, single-engine airplanes. So, it’s just putting these two hobbies into one. I hope to, with time, add lots more information in these two areas….. but who has „time“ now-a-days?

For my non-English speaking German friends:

Sorry, wenn ich alles nur auf Englisch bringe. Es fällt mir halt leichter.  Ich hoffe, es gefällt euch trotzdem. Viel Spaß!!!

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