Ballon Fahren

1991 my first balloon flight

My first flight at airfield Ringheim/Aschaffenburg.

Always after a first flight there’s a “baptism” with Champagne and them a bit of hair burnt off. You then get a fancy name. Mine was:

“Dorrie, Verwalterin des Kleingedruckten, Prinzessin des dunstigen Sonnenaufgangs zu Großostheim über Aschaffenburg bis Schirnborn“

Preparing for a take-off:

We often had to start in the early morning because any kind of thermals would be critical.

This log was at one of my landing places: On this flight was a former American balloon pilot, Craig Leyda, a Col. At the American Base, as a guest.

One of my many training “flights” with the D-EUROPA

My trainer was Thorsten Koch and with his balloon which I flew many times.

Some of my ground crew: