2010, Reichelsheim / Bad Nauheim

10. / 11. / 12. September 2010 
Finally I found time to take part on the annual meeting of the German
Women Pilots club / Vereinigung Deutscher Pilotinnen e.V.! This year it
took place in Bad Nauheim, a resort city located 72 km north of where I
On Friday the ladies started arriving, by car, train, airplane, at the
Reichelsheim airfield. Here they were greeted by the clubs president,
Hedwig Sensen, and the organisers of this year’s event, Andrea
A barbeque was provided as well as flights in a helicopter or a
Gyrocopter. The flights with the ME108 Taifun had to be canceled
because of technical problems.

Flying a SeaBee

A friend of mine in El Cajon, Steve Esser, is/was not only the owner of Golden State Flying Club
but also owned a SeaBea water airplane. 

On one of my visits back home I was able to fly with him around the area. 
He actually let me try my hand at flying it. We landed on a local lake.....it was fun!!!





The club: VDP

My membership No. 279 since February 1988
  VDP Historie:

Gegründet am 6. April 1968 auf Gut Petersau bei Worms von neun
Pilotinnen, darunter so berühmte Namen wie Elly Beinhorn
(geb.1907), die schon in den Dreißiger Jahren alle fünf Kontinente
mit dem Flugzeug eroberte und Hanna Reitsch (1912 – 1979), die erste Hubschrauber- und Jetpilotin der Welt. Heute zählt die VDP ca. 300 Mitglieder aus allen Sparten der Luftfahrt: Berufspilotinnen,
Hubschrauber-, Motor-, Segel- und Ultralightfliegerinnen sowie
Wie der Name sagt, ist das VDP eine Deutsche Gruppe von Frauen mit einen Pilotenschein. Über der Geschichte kannst du mehr über der 
VDP Homepage erfahren. 
The VDP is a German organisation of women with pilots certificates. You can read more about them via their homepage.… sorry,
unfortunately only in German .

2010, Miramar airshow

In 2010 I took my usual trip back home to San Diego. By chance the airshow at the Miramar airbase was taking place. Of course I went to see it. Also by chance my son was also visiting so we went to the show together. I can only put in a few pictures here, just enough to give you an impression of the fantastic event.

Here is my son taking pictures and also being shown one of the military weapons. For those of you who may not know it, Miramar is the airfield for „Top Gun“.

Of course there were lots of great flying demos.

My camera is not best for taking such pictures of the flying. I’m sure Carsten has better pictures…..I must ask him.